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GG is a regular contributor and speaker on a range of topics ranging from motivational to talks on trends in entrepreneurship, the informal market, diversity & culture in our society, marketing communications to the mass market and route to market strategies for the informal sector.

Riveting and insightful..

I suppose you are accustomed to blowing people away with your presentations, and charismatic presence, so it should come as no surprise that you now added the South African Business Schools Association to your growing list of admirers. Thank you for giving us both an enormously entertaining, but highly informative world-wind tour of communities which surrounds, but of which we know nothing about. It was riveting, and insightful, and I think, will provide my colleagues with food for thought about how we should teach business in a kasinomics environment. - Millard Arnold

A MASSIVE thank you..

On behalf of A2Pay I just wanted to send a MASSIVE thank you to you for yesterday. You were definitely the highlight of our conference and I can’t tell you how many people kept raving about “the Zulu”. - Jon Harris

Highlight of the Adcock Conference..

Thank again for making this presentation with GG happen. It was the highlight of the Adcock Conference. Feedback from the whole team was “Just how amazing GG‘s presentation was”. - Sega Moeketsi


GG has fascinating informal economy insights. Best & most reliable source of info on thoroughly misunderstood sector.


Master entrepreneur, GG Alcock, inspires students in Durban!

Delighted by your presentation style..

On behalf of the Wits Business School, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your wonderful presentation last week to our IEDP group. The feedback from them was exceptionally positive and many of them commented on the insights they gained into our economy from what you had to say. They were charmed and delighted by your presentation style and a number of them commented on how good it was to have an authentic presenter.
- Conrad Viedge

GG's Talks

The topics GG speaks on include

White Born Zulu Bred

The journey from a Zulu tribal society to a modern world, the inspiring story and lessons of a poor goat herd and stickfighter on the pathway to becoming an African marketer and successful entrepreneur.

Buso No Buso

Entrepreneurship African Style – business & opportunities created and inspired by an intimate understanding of unique African philosophies, cultures & lifestyles.

The Age of the Afripolitan

Marketing to African Consumers – understanding & communicating to a modern African Consumer, with best practice case studies of some of the most successful marketing campaigns of the decade.


The economics of informal economies & the massive economic opportunities of our invisible African economies.

Africa in my DNA

Diversity & Transformation – tribe, race, culture and modern Africans. Immersing and connecting with diverse and little known people of our society.

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GG has been featured prominently in a range of media

Noseweek cover, Media Online, Daily Sun KasiBrands, Finance Week, The Star, Pretoria News, BizNews, Radio Today, Classic, SAFM, Bruce Whitfield 702 Business, Sunday Times, Sunday Tribune, Natal Mercury, The Witness, Landbou Weekblad, SABC & eTV.